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メディア掲載・紹介実績 Media

メディア掲載・紹介実績 Media

Nippon Television it was featured in “Raj Karu~tsu”

It was selected as 5 & 5 ranking – relaxation salon Ranked # 2 of the Hanamaru Daikichi!

It was introduced in Fuji TV “Mezamashi”

Ayapan thing Takashima Aya (Fuji TV announcer) is entranced a massage ☆

February 1, 2005

It was introduced by Fuji TV “F2-X”



Nice you can meet Tour of him, or is confessed love from someone in mind, you can pick up the money, and hung from an unexpected person to be “I became clean,” the voice, we have tasted the Paradise mood.

That should be it. Monkey December 13, in the “Your fortune in 2005?” Corner of Fuji TV “F2-X”, according to the famous astrologer Matsumura Kiyoshi’s luck map divination of hitting well, now next year (2005) until spring, power spot in the Asakusa area, Royal Lanna Spa (This salon) Upon receiving the treatment in interpersonal relationships, marriage, the entire women’s charm like UP. and it is directed to the future want, is your divine revelation has been aired. Its power is still not wane even in the 2007, it seems women who have the good fortune to hand has been one after another.

Osaki Shinobu (Saitama 42 years old OL)
There is a move to the bad department reputation even in-house, every day was a pain. At least 6 months is said that there is no movement, I was thinking to change jobs. One day, you know the Royal runner spa in the free paper, I went immediately. While you attend 2-3 times, I what, move was decided. Yipe, it is a strange feeling myself feeling called poo.
Now, every day is fun, I can not go to work.
Yoshida Maki (Tokyo 31 year old OL)
and him are dating now, there is no future plans, do not what happens? State Nante. Thing that from going to the Royal Lanna Spa, suddenly changed his attitude, was decided marriage by leaps and bounds. Now I’m filled with happiness.
Yamamoto Miho (Tokyo 44 years old)
This is a Kikigaki from our customers, “the first visit of the way back, even in such a Olusegun, an attractive invitation of the meal …. woman from the young men (30 subrogation) up Then, it is a shop of reputation, but the real be “maybe, and happily, we will introduce you because we had a good story.
Kimura Keiko (Chiba 26-year-old OL)
suddenly change jobs success in hope of industry that were not Kimara quite as lie. Until out of Halifax is also in every day was boring, started by dance also very fun hobby, we spent every day fulfilling. Now, life before the job change is a layer of a lie.
Yoshiko (Tokyo 25-year-old OL) Oyama
also some blind date story of the Royal runner spa back! It is staring to be “certain something absolutely”.
Kayo’s Saeki (Saitama 27-year-old OL)
is adapted to attend Royal runner spa, I do not know whether the blame, but I grasp the good luck. Employer is a company of long-established, male chauvinism is obvious in-house. Under such circumstances, it was suddenly left a great job. First of the large appointed in women. Also that of jumping over the senior, I am more surprised.
Sachiko Ito (Tokyo 28-year-old therapist)
is designed to attend to the Royal runner spa, your nomination is now many. In addition, the Toka or in time for the last train that had been thought to be not in time, but is a small thing, I experienced a lot. What luck we feel like it was good.
Izumi Tomoko (Tokyo 32-year-old therapist)
, while I think that for the study of the treatment, I went to the Royal runner spa. I think as fortune is UP! Was on the border it. Becomes large suddenly nomination customer, I’m really surprised.
Mayumi Nakamura (Tokyo 45-year-old woman doctor)
In response to treatment in the salon, in return home in good feelings, these things I did not, but until now, it has been multiplied by the voice to men. There is also a happy, embarrassed even there, it is a feeling that has rejuvenated about 15 years old. Since it is not the only attend anymore Once this happens, Royal runner Mr. Thank you.
Yoshiko Sato (Tokyo 28 year old club hostess)
If you go to the Royal Lanna Spa very comfortable calm. Good aroma drifting moment I opened the door. Oil treatment you receive in that is really going to be a habit with good feelings. That what strange, after I came here, it is that the nomination guests at the club has a lot more. While I think it would be what, also to feel likely there is a good thing, we have also carried out today.
Mai Mr. Sonoda and (Tokyo 25-year-old OL)
while I would like to change jobs, I every day had been spent somehow. Suddenly, advertising of Royal runner free paper stops to eye, and I went and dizzy. Shortly thereafter, in a contact from a friend I, I say us to mediate a company. It is also the industry was interested from the front, was the feeling that rise to heaven. There is no way fun to work now. Skin even in the youthful beautiful, it …… there is also a good thing. It is going to be a captive of another Royal runner.
Megumi Kojima (Tokyo 27 years old)
I, but I had given up this year’s Christmas Eve alone lonely, it would be that what. From him, which has been concerned about from the front, there is a contact that will spend the Eve together, feeling it rise to another heaven. Body and I’m getting to the likely mind melts. It up to one year, event after two weeks through the Royal runner’s though nothing had happened. I do not think so the chance. As you said of Matsumura teacher, how it became beautifully at the Royal runner’s. Anyway, thanks to the Royal runner-san, thank. We decided to attend in a row in this state.
Kosaka Kyoko (Tokyo 31 years old)
for the first time went to Royal runner 2 months ago. Around this time, it has happened strange. And I was called out to a nice man, it is also not a single person, to more than one person. And it was subjected to so much voice, the first time in my life! It was about interesting. Come to think of it, the pamphlet of Royal runner, committed Na ~ wrote me “store women’s appeal to UP.” The following is a ?? What things, I’m looking forward to going is.
Mayumi Kuroki (Saitama 29 years old)
in my life was mediocre, somehow every day that change is happening. Even though there was no even a chance to get to know a man, you become friends with a few men, and a very good atmosphere and the A’s in it! And though it was work and home round-trip, and it is now dating today. Certainly, or contacted me a friend of the student-lost for many years, the boss was cold until now may become suddenly gently. It has changed something little by little. Why? ? That’s it! As from the start of going to Royal runner, I noticed. Thanks to the encounter with the Royal runner!

Lady also, maybe …. The beautiful to become power of Recommended to anyone who wants to enhance the woman of charm to spot, Royal runner spa.
We would look forward to coming!

Royal Lanna Spa

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