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On the handling of personal information

On the handling of personal information

Traditional Thai esthetic salon “Royal Lanna Spa (Royal Lanna Spa)” (hereinafter “This Salon”) is considered the personal information collected in the operation sites of importance, according to the Personal Information Protection Act and the like, also the following policies and handling. It should be noted that in our salon, you may be in order to achieve the protection of personal information of the user, or the laws and regulations in accordance with the change of the other standards, to revise the policy handling of personal information.

definition of personal information

The personal information on those salon, as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law, the information about the individual survive (name, date of birth, and other information may identify a particular individual) as well as associated with a particular individual is used information and personal information and age were together, such as e-mail address that is, I am recognized as a profession other personal information about the attributes.

use and purpose of personal information collection

Those salon, upon handling personal information, unless it is permitted by law, do not use it beyond the scope of its purpose.
Purpose is as follows.
(1) The reply contact for inquiries
(2) coordination and implementation of reservations
(3) Other necessary to provide services related to the

disclosure of personal information

This salon, upon to handle the personal information to employees, personal information leakage, prevention of loss or damage, and raised other privacy policy so that the safety management can be achieved of personal information, necessary and proper management for employees – it will do the supervision.


If applicable to the following items, you may want to disclose personal information you provide.
(1) If the customer is found to have committed an act on a disadvantage to other customers or those salon, This salon will have to notify your personal information the party, the police, the relevant agencies.
(2) than public institution or agency that has the authority pursuant to this, such as the courts and police, if you have received a formal inquiry request, we may disclose personal information.
(3) when it comes to violation of the laws and regulations

of personal information correction, etc.

This salon, in order to provide better service, you may want to entrust the handling of personal information to the outside. In this case, with respect to subcontractors, so that there is no omission of personal information to pay enough attention to the management system, do the supervision and instruction.

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This salon is, by reason of personal information from the person in question is not the truth, correction of content, added or deleted (hereinafter referred to as “correction, etc.” and says) in the case that has been asked for, proceedings of special pursuant to the provisions of other laws and regulations Except when it is determined, within the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and make the necessary investigation without delay, the results is carried out to correct such as the contents of personal information based on, and then notifies the fact himself.

Inquiries concerning the handling of this salon of personal information thank you to the following window.

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